I love you…
1) because of your laugh
2) because of your voice
3) for the way you care so much for others
4) because of your faith
5) for your tenderness
6) for your smiley winking belly button scar
7) for the way you care about how I feel, not just yourself
8) for the way you motivate me to be the best me I can
9) for way you make me feel wanted and needed
10) for your baby carrying hips
11) for your dedication
12) for your ability to separate having fun and being serious
13) for your genuineness
14) for your openness
15) for the way you listen to what I have to say
16) because of your sexy lady lumps
17) for the way you take care of and love your brother
18) for the way you’ve made me feel like a part of your family
19) because we sometimes wear matching outfits
20) because you rub my arm when I drive us around
21) because i still get butterflies from you
22) because even when I’m having a bad day you make it better
23) because you invite me with you everywhere
24) because you’re involved with church
25) for your amazing singing voice
26) for your talent as an actress
27) because you can tap dance and jump rope at the same time
28) because you showed me “embarrassing” videos of you
29) because you tell me when you pooped yourself
30) because you tell me good morning every day
31) because you tell me good night every day
32) because you worry about me when I am driving
33) because I can tell you anything
34) because how natural kissing you has always been
35) because I think god has brought us together
36) because you love to fold laundry
37) because you want to teach special Ed… Like my ninny
38) because you wanted to friend my family on Facebook
39) because I wake up every day and think of you
40) for your beauty with or without make up
41) for your red hair
42) for your freckles
43) for your brownie greenie eyes
44) because you buy things that remind you of me
45) because you take pictures of us and post them online
46) because you tell me you miss me
47) because you hate wet paper
48) because we can talk about getting married
49) because you know everything and still love me
50) because I know you don’t want to hurt me
51) because I don’t think anyone else is better
52) because we do devotionals together
53) because we try to go to church together whenever we can
54) because you cry happy tears for the things I say
55) because you hold me accountable
56) because you ask me before doing something that might bother me
57) because you don’t do something if you know it will bother me
58) because you’d do something you don’t like if I really wanted to
59) because I’d never want you to do something you didn’t want to
60) because my family loves you
61) for the affection to show me
62) because you give me back massages
63) because you say I love you
64) for your relationship with your mom
65) for your relationship with your dad
66) because everyone absolutely loves you
67) for your smell
68) because nothing you do bothers me (maybe because my love trumps it)
69) because we pray for each other
70) because you have a list of things you want to do before the end of the year
71) because you have an I love you list
72) because I sometimes make you cry happy tears
73) because you keep little things I say saved in your notes
74) because you introduce me as your boyfriend
75) for your awesome sense of fashion
76) because you ask how my day was
77) because we sometimes run together
78) because you send me videos
79) because you send me songs
80) because you send me poems and short stories
81) because we are sponsoring a girl from Africa together
82) because even when I mess something up you say you love it
83) because you’re not afraid to love me back
84) because I can listen to any kind of music with you
85) because you challenge me
86) because we can do projects together and not fight
87) because you support me no matter what
88) because you believe in me when I don’t believe in myself
89) because you know when I’m stressed and offer to help
90) because you sacrifice your comfy bed to stay with me
91) because of the way you scratch my back
92) because you go to with me to stupid work events
93) because you’ll play video games with me even though you don’t enjoy it
94) because you’ll play fantasy hockey so we have something to talk about
95) because you give me massages without having to ask
96) because you’re willing to pay for things when you can afford it
97) because of the love you have for autistic children
98) because you care about our health
99) because you still love me even when I stop a list at 99 on purpose