Here’s the full article…

I’ve tried to extract the pertinent information to make a quick list.

1. Don’t compare yourself to other women.
You don’t need to, you’re amazing on your own.
2. Don’t base your happiness on being in a relationship.
A lot of the independent women stuff I’ve been finding is for single women. Obviously, you don’t need ground yourself in being single (it seems like that’s really a way for a lot of women to justify being single) I think you can be in a relationship, not base your happiness on it, and still be a strong woman.
3. Don’t feel obligated to follow fashion trends.
Be fashionable, but with your own taste. I think you already do this.
4. Protect your sexuality.
I can’t touch this one because it’s about me.
5. Stay educated.
Get that masters babe!
6. Stand up for yourself.
I don’t think you have a problem with this.
7. Take care of your body
You do this too. You’re a rockstar.
8. Manage your finances.
You’re getting better at this. But there’s always room for improvement 😉
9. Give to others
You do this, but we both could be better.
We do a li