This year I know that between our anni and valentines day there are 100 days. That means not including those two days.

… so I’m excluding those two days… or maybe doing something extra special…

For this (not so) first day… Here’s a schedule. Each week will have a theme ;).  On the first day of the week, I’ll explain the theme and then for the rest of the week, you’ll have that theme delivered as your smooch!

Week 1 – Basement Party
Week 2 – Long Letters
Week 3 – Ms Independent
Week 4 – Like I just Learned Photoshop
Week 5 – Helpful Hannah
Week 6 – Knick Knack Patty Wack
Week 7 – A Future Chuckle
Week 8 – Do you hear that?
Week 9 – Dictionary of us
Week 10 – Just a poke
Week 11 – Helpful Hubs
Week 12 – Pick me up before you Go Go
Week 13 – Together In Love
Week 14 – Glad that’s not us
Week 15 – Mystery Box