October 28th, 2016, The Stoltzfus Homestead

The Happy Couple

Tony Gushanas

Tony is a charismatic entrepreneur currently working for Nest Architecture by day and Designerhacks.com by night. He enjoys music, art, and playing video games with his friends. His patience and persistence paid off in convincing Liz to marry him.

Liz Cunningham

Liz has a passion for education and is currently the 6th grade special education teacher at North Brandywine Middle School. She loves dancing and playing laser tag, but her love of napping and wine are unparalleled.

October 28th, 2016, The Stoltzfus Homestead


Groomsmen & Bridesmaid

  • Sarah Rutter

  • Brandon Thomas

  • Megan Burkhart

  • Zach Maas

  • Helen Dwyer

  • Timmy Keiper

  • Katie Drakely

  • Shawn Fenimore

  • Rachel Kennard

  • Max Henderson

  • Greg Webb

  • Emily Webb

  • Bob Hennessey

  • Mikayla Pilotti

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